Services We Offer

At Robert P. Lee Professional Corporation, we can help you with 3 things:

Lawsuits against Child Welfare
Compensation for victims of crime
Individual Lawsuits

What we do not do at our office:

We do not loan money or provide counseling as we are not trained therapists. We may however be able to help you look for resources to help with your finances or refer you to counseling services.

We generally do not undertake individual lawsuits on a contingency basis. We will consider possible lawsuits on a case by case basis.

Need other legal information?

Call the Albert Law line toll free at 1-866-845-3425
Or in Edmonton call 780-644-7777

A Legal Resource Agent can provide you with free information about your legal problem.

These agents are not lawyers so they cannot give you legal advice. If you do meet certain eligibility guidelines, the agents can connect you to one of the staff lawyers.

Call your nearest Legal Aid Alberta regional office for eligibility and application for legal aid information. In Edmonton the phone number is (780) 427-7575

To get in contact with other lawyers, call the Lawyer Referral Line at 1-800-332-109. If you cannot find a lawyer to assist you, contact the Alberta Law Society – Access to Justice Committee at 1-800-661-9003 for assistance.