Who are we?

We are a personal injury/victims’ rights law firm. Above all else, we are committed to achieving the goals of our clients. We understand that many of our clients want to achieve justice, to be heard, to be acknowledged, and to receive financial compensation. We understand that many victims feel re-victimized by the legal system which can be complex, slow moving, and frustrating. We help our clients through the legal maze and are committed to achieving the maximum results for our clients.

What do we do?

We are committed to ensuring that victims have their rights protected. We understand that many victims do not know what their rights are and are afraid of legal costs. We have created this website to provide victims some basic legal information.

We understand how difficult it can be to come forward after a serious crime such as sexual assault. We have extensive experience dealing with victims and for many of them, coming forward has been a good decision for themselves and their family to get the help that they need.

We are committed to advancing victim’s rights and have been involved in innovative legal arguments protecting our clients rights. We have obtained special protections for our clients such as restraining order and publication bans. We assisted a high school student in having her classmate who sexually assaulted her expelled from school. We also had a “Next Friend” appointed for one of our clients who found the litigation process too stressful and overly demanding on her. We also have forced the government to pay our clients legal fees. These were new precedents. We have already had two lawsuits against Alberta Child Welfare approved as Class Actions. The result of this is that rather than helping one or two individuals, we have already been able to help thousands of people.

It is our sincere commitment to keep all information confidential and to treat our clients with compassion, empathy and honesty.

Because there are many time deadlines that apply to some victims’ rights, if you believe you are a victim of a crime or have a lawsuit, it is essential that you contact an experienced victims right lawyer immediately.

Other Legal Services

In addition to the complex civil litigation work that we do, we also can help our clients with other basic legal needs such as preparing basic Wills, Power of Attorney, and Personal Directives at a low cost. Everybody should have these basic documents, so we have set our fee rates to make it affordable for everyone to have these important legal documents.

In addition, if you have documents that require a Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public, we can assist with those services as well at an affordable rate.