If you have been injured by a Crime, you are entitled to apply for compensation under the Victims of Crime Act. You can apply for crimes compensation in addition to, or instead of suing.

It is possible for you to make an application on your own, however, many applications can be complicated for example if you are applying beyond the 2 year deadline to apply.

We will charge either a percentage fee of what we recover for you or we will charge you an up-front fee to help you fill out your Application.

If you would like us to help you with your application for crimes compensation under the Victims of Crime Act, and if you have not filled out any of the other Questionnaires, then please fill out the Questionnaire – Crimes Compensation (Victims of Crime Act) – [coming soon].


Crimes Compensation Applications Before 1997

If you made a crimes compensation application before 1997 and if you did not receive compensation for lost wages and if you did suffer lost wages as a result of the crime, please contact me, as we can make a new application for you to obtain your lost wages.