I came across an article about a sexual assault victim being forced to watch a videotape of herself being sexually assaulted and being cross examined on that videotape.


I think that what happened to this victim was wrong. It is also something that should not be tolerated in our society and over time, if victims stand up for their rights and if lawyers protect the legal rights of victims, it is something that will not be tolerated.

Something that most victims do not know is that they do have rights. One of those rights is to make a complaint against a prosecutor or a Judge if they think a prosecutor or a Judge violated their ethical obligations to the Court. Therefore, if this victim or if anyone else believes that the conduct of the prosecutor or the Judge brought the administration of justice into disrepute, they can make a complaint to the Law Society or the Judicial Council.

Recently a Judge in Alberta was removed as a Judge for making inappropriate comments in a sexual assault trial. So victims do have rights and can take steps to enforce their rights.

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